Dos & Don'ts For Between-Seasons Dressing

After a brutal winter that brought unwavering snowstorms and low temperatures, the weather is finally starting to shape up. We've spent the past six or more months buried under countless layers, but with spring on the horizon, we can slowly begin to bring out our florals and lightweight garments from storage. Despite the much-anticipated springtime, the weather is still quite temperamental, bringing warmth during midday and chilly temperatures by the time we reach our evening commute. Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring can be a tad bit difficult, and a quick stroll through New York City will prove that instantly.

This happens every year when people struggle with whether or not to give their toes some breathing room or to keep their feet covered in shearling-lined boots. But there are steps you can take to make awkward, between seasons dressing a little easier. Instead of springing forward full throttle and being left out in the cold, heed these dos and don'ts that will bring you from winter to spring with ease.

Do: Buy a raincoat

It's true: April showers bring May flowers. You don't want to end up like this guy.

Don't: Wear your fur

Sure, it gets complicated when temperatures go from 60 to 20 in less than 24 hours, but it is probably safe to retire the fur coat that kept you warm throughout the winter. Don't get me wrong — fur coats made quite a statement this season. But come spring, they instantly begin to look inappropriately warm.

Do: Wear rain boots

Your shearling-lined snow boots were perfect for jumping over snow banks in February, but now they've been replaced by puddles and your Ugg boots just won't do. Opt for a pair of fleece-lined rain boots to keep your toes warm and dry.

Don't: Show too much skin — yet

The sun is shining and temperatures are climbing to highs we haven't felt since September, but showing too much skin too soon makes you look a little ridiculous. Take your time transitioning by showing off your ankles with a pair of cropped pants and flats or trainers. Don't let those shoulders and thighs fly free just yet.

Do: Continue to wear layers

This is what Uniqlo's heat tech is for — to offer the perfect transition from winter to spring. Temperatures can start in the 30s and reach the 60s by midday, and the perfect way to adjust to the temperamental weather is to work with layers. Stay warm on your morning commute by piling a lightweight coat over a leather jacket and remove the top layer once the weather warms.

Don't: Keep it monotone

Winter often causes us to keep our colors subtle because the weather is just no fun. From blacks to grays, we often keep ourselves hidden under layers and layers of monotones that might make for a fabulous look, but keep us weighed down and somber.

Do: Brighten your wardrobe to get in the mood

There is no better way to celebrate the coming of spring than by brightening up your wardrobe. It might not be time to put away your sweaters and boots quite yet, but that doesn't mean you have to stick with a dull color scheme. Switch your blacks and dark grays for lighter hues or even metallics.

Do: Make sure you have your sunnies

The best part about spring? The sun almost always shines bright, so make sure you keep a stylish pair of sunnies with you.

Do: Transition your makeup

Winter often brings along chapped lips and dry skin. However, the spring lets us push back our beanies and loosen our scarves — it's the perfect time to spruce up our skin with bright makeup choices. Switch out your burgundy lipsticks for lighter hues of red, pink, and orange. Rub off the heavy liner and exchange gray shadows for brown and gold.

Do: Boost your manicure

Break out the pastel colors to get your fingertips back in shape for the upcoming warmer months.

Don't: Go polish-less or wear dark colors

During the winter, we keep our hands covered with mittens and gloves, making us lose inspiration for maintaining a manicure. If we do keep our fingers painted, they are often dark-hued. Spring is the best time to bare those freshly painted nails.

Do: Start mixing prints

Mixing prints is a great way to prep for spring. Try pairing floral pants with a striped sweater and a leather bomber jacket for a chic look that will still keep you bright but warm when temperatures turn downward.

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