Celebrate Pi Day With...80s Rock?

Happy Pi Day everyone! And if you're looking for ways to celebrate this math-y holiday beyond just eating delicious pie, you could always check out College Humor's "Irrationally Long Number Pi Song" set to the tune of Warrant's "Sweet Cherry Pie" song. Because what better way to celebrate the importance of a never ending number with an almost 14 minute music video? Who says math can't be cool.

This year's Pi Day is an extra special celebration — in addition to being March 14th it's also the year 2015, making the full date 3/14/15 — just like the first digits of pi, which starts off 3.1415. It's the kind of thing that only rolls around once a century. Which means it's the perfect time to truly celebrate one of the most important numbers in all of math — the circumference of a circle, divided by its diameter. Also known as π or pi. As an irrational number, its digits go on for infinity, making it the perfect way for brainiacs to try to show off by memorizing the most digits.

And when it's set to music, it becomes the real "song that never ends."

So what is it like creating a music video for an irrational number? Well, it turns out the number pi might be more powerful than even an historic 1980s rock song. Let's see how it goes

Starting Out Strong!

"She's my number pi!" They've got their 80s outfits all ready to go, and the digits are just starting to roll. Everything's looking good!

Guitar Solo!

The 80s rock is going strong!

This is Starting To Be a Lot Of Numbers

But They're Still Rocking It

Sweet Number Pi!

Number-y Back Up Dancers!

Those weren't in the original video.

"She's My Number Pi! I Can't Believe We Counted This High!"

Don't worry, you still have 10 more minutes to go!

Oh Look a Chalk Board!

Oh Look, a BIGGER Chalk Board!

This is never going to end, huh? Well, that is the point of pi...

Key Change. Oh God!

Everyone Is Tired

The Backup Dancers Quit

The Numbers Are Starting To Take Over Everything!

And The Powers Of 80s Metal Are Ultimately Defeated By Math

...But the Number Just Keep Going...

But hey, they made a good showing. By my estimate they made it through a couple hundred digits, at minimum. Not bad.

To hear the number pi as you have never heard it before, check out the full video.

And once you get the song stuck in your head and want a version whose words you can actually remember, go ahead and play Warrant's original. Or, you know, memorize the first few hundred digits of pi. Your call.