North's 'Frozen' Obsession Inspires Kim's Wardrobe

Every day is a reason to dress up when you're Kim Kardashian West. Her latest high fashion look was inspired by her daughter North, and I can't think of anything cuter than that! Kim Kardashian channeled Frozen 's Elsa in an all-white ensemble that she posted to Instagram, attributing North West's love of the movie.

The superstar mom said in her caption that she was “Channeling [her] inner Elsa for North,” and she did look like an arctic vision. This proves that North West has at least one thing in common with normal children after all (except for the fact that she's way more stylish than many adults). She, too, is a fan of the most popular movie ever (so it seems, these days). She was even spotted carrying her own Frozen themed suitcase through Charles de Gaulle airport leaving Paris Fashion Week. Still sporting her Doc Martens, though, of course.

And now she’s even inspiring Kim’s wardrobe. I LOVE IT! Still donning her platinum blonde hair, Kim K was in the perfect place (in terms of both hair color and current North obsession) to pull off an Elsa-esque ensemble. So, with blonde hair pulled back and a giant and fluffy fur coat (a look she’s been working so well lately), she unleashed her inner ice princess. And I never want her to... let it go! (The cold never bothered me anyway.)

I’m hoping Kim keeps up this whole dressing up for North business. I can’t wait to see North’s next obsession. Or Kim’s version of it! Here’s to hoping she’ll be really into the live action Cinderella movie. North, don’t let me down, girl!