Dianna Agron Suffered A Wardrobe Malfunction

Glee star Dianna Agron may not have been so gleeful over the past couple of days, and understandably so. What girl would be after suffering from a wardrobe malfunction? While attending an event celebrating Alexander McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” on March 12, Dianna Agron stunned in a Johanna Ortiz form-fitting gown that featured — dun dun dun — an unfortunately overly plunging neckline.

The actress accidentally revealed a little more skin than was intended when a photographer snapped some side-angle photos that would do the #freethenipple movement proud. Unfortunately, the shots have been all over the Internet ever since. It’s not like her dress fell down or anything, so as far as I’m concerned we can just chalk this up to some creepy paparazzi.

Although it does seem that double-sided tape would have been a good option for Agron, it’s not totally her fault. And her dress really is beautiful, it just didn't fit her quite right. Well, everyone makes fashion mistakes and has wardrobe malfunctions from time to time, the important part is not letting the same thing happen twice. You live and you learn. And you buy double-sided tape.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: Getty Images