5 Cute Protective Styles for Natural Hair

If you haven't heard, one of the latest hair trends is going natural. For some of us, that's old news. But for others, the natural hair trend is very new and very scary. And since the weather associated with spring is usually a great time to try out looks (mostly because if it turns out terribly, you can just go out into the rain and start again), that means you'll also be trying out new protective styles. Protective styles are used to stretch your hair, while helping to form even curls and allowing the moisture to soak in. But they don't have to only be helpful — they can be super cute and stylish, too.

I've been natural for the past three years, and after the first two, I realized how necessary protective styles were. I was a bantu knot addict, but couldn't always leave my house with 25 little knots on my head (picture Jada Pinkett Smith in The Matrix). So I turned to other protective styles that gave me practically the same final product. I'm currently in love with rocking six cornrows or two reverse flat twists that end in front bantu knots (those tutorials will come later).

Whether you're just starting your protective styles journey, or you're just looking to switch up your looks, here are 5 cute protective styles for natural hair that you should totally try out. Check out these how to videos:

1. Twisted Knot Protective Style

If you haven't started watching Naptural85's natural hair videos, make sure you add her to your queue. In this look, she creates a totally twisted look that uses a bantu knot to stretch out each flat twist. Not only does this stretch out her hair, it also adds to the look of the final bun.

2. Two Strand Twist Vintage Pin-Up Style

This is probably the simplest style on the list because two strand twists are quite common. Once you've done the two strand twists, you can get a little creative, like vlogger iknowlee with your pinning. This style won't stretch your hair as much as the others, but it's great if you're short on time.

3. Double Twisted Bun Style

To get this goddess-like look, like Ambrosia Malbrough, make sure your flat twist skills are on point. You have to try to keep the two twists as close together as possible, so that your hair almost resembles a crown. The style ends in two buns, but you could easily pull them together to make just one.

4. Easy Milkmaid Twists

Even though my hair isn't long enough to do MahoganyCurls' style, I'm completely obsessed with it. Unlike most protective styles, this look uses ponytail holders to start the look. After you've made two ponytails, braid the hair and wrap it around the front. If you have shorter hair and want to do your own take on this look (like me), make these braids in the back for a mini version.

5. Flat Twist Angled Style

What I like about this look is how it takes flat twists and switches them up. The key to achieving MissJoyceMD's look is to make sure your hair is detangled, completely, so that when you're sectioning everything, you'll have minimal breaking.

Image: MahoganyCurl/YouTube