'Sex And The City' Characters Made Into Princesses

Since Sex and the City's final episode, the show's fans have been anxiously anticipating its return. The films gave us more awesome clothes from Carrie and brought on more drama, and the marathons sometimes suffice. But, seriously, we all want to know: Is there a Sex and the City 3 coming or not? Until we get that answer, another reimagined version of the show has surfaced. This time, Sex and the City characters get made over into Disney princesses and the results are pretty spot on.

Cosmopolitan commissioned illustrator Isaiah Stephens to create the "Disney Meets Sex and the City" series. Although he admits on his website that he had seen the show before, but didn't know much about it, the illustrations make him look like a dedicated SATC fan just like the rest of us. In the series, Ariel from the Little Mermaid becomes Miranda, and Eric becomes Steve; Belle from Beauty and the Beast sits elegantly on a couch as Charlotte, and Beast sip's tea nearby. Even some of the forgotten characters from Disney films get added to the series. For example, in a scene featuring Cinderella as Carrie and Prince Charming as Mr. Big, Gus Gus the mouse is also there as Stanford from Sex and the City.

This isn't the first time that the show's characters have been reimagined. Bustle's own Gabrielle Moss once set up OKCupid profiles for each of the main characters from SATC and the male responses offer some insight into perceptions of the leading ladies. Most recently, a YouTube user "remixed" episodes from all six seasons of the HBO series with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte on the hunt for "Mrs. Right instead of mister." With these creative renditions, along with weekly marathons, we might be able to relive our favorite show even without a third installation of SATC. Well, maybe.

Image: Getty Images (1); @Cosmopolitan/Twitter