Boston Man Wins Tinder, But Has Yet To Win A Date

by Jamie Kenney

Jude from Boston has a problem. You see, Jude is single, so — as you do in 2015 — he went on Tinder in hopes of finding that special lady to spend the rest of his life with. Just kidding! This is Tinder; he ostensibly wanted to get laid. (No judgement, Jude. We've all been there.) Knowing competition can get pretty stiff in a major metropolitan area, he knew he needed to create a profile that stood above the rest. Using his wit and Photoshop, Jude put together, I must say, a pretty killer collection of portraits: Jude riding a bear; Jude as one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons; Jude surrounded by puppies. Any one of these photos, one would think, would have all the lovely ladies swiping right for days. (The fact that he's a Game of Thrones fan alone is pretty good incentive, in my humble opinion.)

Except it hasn't really worked out for him yet. All this cleverness has not resulted in one date. Not ONE! I find this very hard to believe. (Actually, I find it unbelievable to the point where I kind of don't believe him, and I think he just wanted a good excuse to share his admittedly hilarious pictures.) There are a couple possibilities as to why this might happen:

  1. Are you swiping right? Maybe you need to swipe right a little more, dude.
  2. Boston isn't ready for that jelly.
  3. Maybe the fact that you have clearly spent a ton of time Photoshopping images of yourself is...a little intense? Try scaling back a bit.

Check out all the fabulous images here. Boston gals, if you like going to outer space for pizza, ribbon dancing, and/or riding bears, give our man a swipe. Good luck, Jude!

Images: Imgur (5)