Here's What To Wear On St. Patrick's Day

Every national holiday has its color scheme. Christmas gives us red and green; Valentine's Day equals red, white and sometimes pink; the 4th of July is red, white, and blue. And in patriotic fashion, we follow along with the palette, decorating everything from our homes to our offices within the days leading up to these holidays — and our outfits usually fall in line. The upcoming St. Patrick's Day is no different, as any trip to a local drugstore might prove with a section dipped in green. If you've already decorated, now is time for the big question: What will you wear?

Although it might be easy to hang a streamer or two in light of the holiday, sometimes putting together a look can be difficult. Of course, we want to celebrate, and the best way to show that off is through a smashing outfit. But us fashionistas often have to balance the line between a look inspired by the holiday and being a walking, talking, ornament. With St. Patrick's Day set for this coming Tuesday, it's time to look into our closets to see what we can put together for the week ahead. Just in case you don't find the Luck of the Irish in your wardrobe, take a few cues from these looks below that include a subtle nod to St. Paddy without looking like you're trying to fit in with the office decorations.

Catch A Four-Leaf Clover

Good Luck Charm

It's Not Easy Being Green

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands/Polyvore