Is This Look Rihanna's Most Daring Yet?

Rihanna's been known to wear a few daring looks during her time as our red carpet/street style fave. When it comes to fashion, she's fearless — setting and embracing trends in the most interesting ways possible. I mean, you don't get to represent a couture fashion house like Dior just because.

Ri is a trailblazer and a modern fashion icon, and this means she isn't exactly fond of following rules (even those set by fashion's high priestess Anna Wintour). The singer proved that she wears what she wants, even if Wintour uses it as a barometer for what constitutes "the worst," when Rihanna stepped out in socks and sandals in New York on Sunday. She was dressed in head-to-toe comfy basics including matching sweatpants and a sweatshirt, a down jacket, and the aforementioned black slide sandals and grey socks.

Rihanna had just earlier been at the press junket for Home, for which she contributed her vocal talents. So, this looks like a pretty appropriate post-event, cozy-Sunday-night-in outfit that most of us have rocked at some point or another. Don't lie, you know you're envious of how baggy those sweats are and how plush those sandals look while you're sitting at your desk right now. Even fashion icons have the right to dress all the way down every once in a while and Rihanna looks way better than I do on my way to pick up takeout.

But can we talk about the "cardinal rules" of fashion for a second? In today's fashion climate (where pretty much everything is game and wilder is better), shouldn't we have dumped these arbitrary rules by now? I mean, we've been wearing white after Labor Day forever at this point, mixing black and brown in a single outfit is no longer off the table, matching your shoes to your belt seems so stuffy, and socks and sandals are a bona fide trend.

If you have a good eye, a sense of style, and courage, there's pretty much nothing that should be off-limits fashion-wise! Let's take RiRi's socks and sandals as a message that we are all getting too caught up in archaic, claustrophobic, irrelevant "rules" when we get dressed. Instead, we should just wear what makes us happy — whether that's all pink everything or socks and sandals. If it's good enough for Ri, it's good enough for me.

Images: Getty; Instagram/ambrecfenty