Yorkie Tucks In Her Sleeping Baby Sibling

Human babies and animals have one thing in common: a lack of mastery over adult human language. As a result, verbal communication between them is almost impossible. This makes any sort of cohesive bond developed between a human baby and non-human animal that much more insane and inspiring. Even when it doesn't necessarily fare well for both parties, like when this baby made an honest effort to put the family parakeet in its belly. Yorkshire terrier Misty doesn't stand to become a potentially tasty treat to her human sibling (at least, not when the baby is sleeping). Instead, she shows off a maternal instinct, making absolutely sure the infant is covered up and protected from the elements.

As the pair entertained parents look on, Misty takes a corner of the baby's quilt in her mouth and gently pulls, pushes, and tucks until she deems the job done, then trots off like it was NBD. As far as I can tell from this video, it actually is NBD—the routine Misty performs looks totally practiced, as if she's done it a million times before.

Seems like Misty is a pretty chill dog to have around. I wonder if I can train my cat to do the same for me. I've witnessed his jaw strength (literally dangling from a hanging coat's drawstrings which were currently clenched in his kitten mouth), so it might be entirely possible to teach him to tuck me in at night.