Kids Are So Confused By VCRs & VHS Tapes

by Anjali Patel

Ready to feel super old? So we all know VCRs have been out of style for awhile now. It's been more than 15 years since the DVD rose to ubiquity (yes, I know they've been in existence for longer than that, Correcty McYoureWrongington; I said "rose to ubiquity".) and pushed aside all of those clunky tapes we used to watch our favorite Disney movies on. Though the DVD is WAY more convenient—it's lighter, slimmer, and it doesn't emotionally tear your household apart when someone forgets to rewind it—I'm somewhat nostalgic for those black and neon orange boxes that used to provide hours of endless entertainment back in the day.

Although VCRs and VHS tapes are relics of every '90's kid's past, it never crossed my mind that there is an entire generation out there who doesn't even KNOW what they are. No, seriously. The Fine Bros recorded a video of kids reacting to VCR/VHS and as one of the children struggled to fit a VHS in the VCR, she asked, "Is it gonna, like, grow arms and attack me?"

Is this how our parents generation feels about us reacting to vinyl records? Will the hipsters of this new generation go thrifting for VHS tapes, claiming they "really feel how this is how movies are supposed to be watched"?

Maybe not.

The video starts out with filming children ages 6 to 12 reacting to the VCR. Some of them recognized it:

Others kind of missed the mark:

The children are all ages 6-12, and the video hilariously capture them trying to operate a VCR. After some trials and tribulations, most of them seemed to get it working.

But after seeing what VHS tapes look like on screen, most of them were downright appalled:

In fact, the quality was so poor it nearly brought this little boy to tears:

Oh, well. I guess we should be grateful for these improvements in technology. Check out the full video below!

Images: YouTube(5)