8 Best Satirical Tweets About "Steak And BJ Day"

Unbeknownst to many, March 14 was officially "Steak And BJ Day," which is the "men's equivalent" of Valentine's Day. You might not have been aware of this holiday that is supposed to celebrate what guys really want, but Twitter was, and the satirical tweets about #steakandbjday were comic gold.

I'm all for blow jobs and steak throughout the year, but the idea that Valentine's Day is a celebration of all things women so men need their own day is a bit sad, given that guys already get to dominate discourse most of the time. I'm female and I think Valentine's Day is a total crock, but, whatever, we all need something to soothe our bruised egos and celebrate "love" in the transactional ways we see fit.

Steak And BJ Day may be a totally reductionist macho fail for not taking into account guys who are vegetarians, vegans, or like having sex in more creative ways, but at least the internet responded with some well-deserved ribbing. The responses to the trending hashtag were both angry and sarcastic, but the best punches were usually pulled by feminists.

To put a new spin on one of the best tweets below, I can only hope that April 14 will become salad and cunnilingus day, so we can truly balance the scales of sexist injustice once and for all.

Image: Mike/Flickr