Chloe Sevigny Posed With What On Her Crotch?!

Move over, Kim Kardashian: your scandalous Paper Magazine cover may no longer hold the title of Most Shocking Fashion Editorial. She may not have broken the internet yet, but Chloe Sevigny wore a lobster as panties for a Marfa Journal shoot, and it is pretty bizarre. Whatever happened to, you know, just modeling clothes instead of crustaceans?

Obviously, the serious potential pain was worth it in the name of ze art for the ultra-hipster European biannual publication. Is it just me or is Marfa Journal trying to be the next LOVE Magazine, except with a little less of the aforementioned Kardashians (and Jenners)? The combination of the luxury magazine format and the over-my-head editorials have me drawing some comparisons. This is probably just too cool for me, because I can't even think about the risk of wearing a lobster down there, even if it is for fashion — ouch.

In any case, the odd photos in the book don't stop at the sea creature. One shows Sevigny posing on a motorcycle in stockings and something that reminds me of a baby outfit (???), while another features her in what appears to be a sexy nun halloween getup from the clearance section of a costume store on November 1.

I'm all for getting creative with fashion editorials, but Marfa — I just don't get it. Maybe I'm alone in this confusion? Whether you like it or dislike it, here are a few more photos from the collection, including that soon-to-be-infamous lobster pic (you can check out all of the strange snaps at Fashion Copious):

Images: TheCut/Twitter; michelgaubert/Instagram