If Anyone Can Make Sweater Sets Chic, It's RiRi

If anyone can make a sweater set cool, it’s Rihanna. Everyone’s favorite pop star/style aficionado showed up to a press event for Dreamworks’ Home, a children’s movie in which RiRi voices the main character named Tip, wearing a sweater set. And no, that’s not a typo. Rihanna wore a sweater set to the press junket for her new movie. Because she's Rihanna and she can look flawless in anything she wears.

Rihanna is clearly known for making bold fashion choices—just take her all pink, feathery ensemble that she wore to Good Morning America, for example—so no one is exactly surprised that she would wear a sweater set. In typical Rihanna fashion, she rocked said green sweater dress with no bra and a matching cardigan from Adam Selman, best known for outfitting the singer in what was arguably the most talked about dress in CFDA history. You know, the completely sheer, glittery one? Yeah, that was Selman.

It seems like a fairly safe choice for Rihanna to wear to a press event for a children’s movie, but at the same time, the short hemline and obviously braless look might still be a little too sexy. But oh well, what do you expect from Rihanna? Also, please note her socks and heels combination. After seeing Rihanna wear socks and sandals on Saturday in New York City, I'm starting to think she got a new tattoo on her foot or something and just doesn't want to reveal it to the public yet. Or it's just cold outside. Only time will tell.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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