Birkenstocks Won't Only Be Going On Your Feet

With the weather warming up, it’s time to put away the boots and bring out the Birkenstocks! But along with taking out our most comfortable pair of sandals, we’ll soon be able to have other Birkenstock products, from boots to chairs, along with more shoe designs to choose from. Yup, that means you'll never really have to "put away" your Birkenstocks once the rainy season comes around. According to Racked, Birkenstocks’ executive, Oliver Reichert described these upcoming products as “comfort” products and revealed that they would come out this fall. YAS!

Reichert said that Birkenstock is planning to release a pair of Birkenstock combat boots, running shoes and Ugg-like booties. Yup, looks like there will soon be no such thing as aching feet with this many Birks to choose from. Now if only they can come out with a pair of super cute, strappy heels...I’d be sold. On top of all that, I could rock some of the non-footwear Birkenstock products that Reichert spoke a little bit about. Reichart says that he's hoping and planning that the company can begin to produce leather bags, mattresses, office chairs and other products that'll cushion your life with a little Birkenstock love.

I’m seriously so stoked for more shoe designs because that just means my dream of wearing a pair of ‘Stocks all year round can finally come true. I seriously can't wait.

Image: Giphy