6 Ways Your Makeup Makes You Love Yourself More

Routines are a way to achieve a little bit of comfort and familiarity in a chaotic, crazy world. That goes for our exercise regimens, our work schedules, and our daily beauty routines. Getting cozy in a makeup comfort zone might seem rote or boring, and some people might imply that using all those products means you're not confident in your own skin. To that, I can simply say pffffffft. There are many ways our daily routine actually makes us love our face and body more!

Sure, it might seem like applying primers, potions, creams, and lotions is a result of the pressures our society puts on us to focus on our looks. But the flip side is that doing so gets you better in touch with you.

By spending time with your face, getting creative with makeup, or taking care to moisturize and pamper or baby your skin, you are subtly showing yourself love and you are getting to know your features even better. Plus, it's a little relaxing me time when you can totally zone out.

Here are six ways that your daily beauty routine actually makes you love yourself more.

1. Getting To Know Yourself

You get to know your body by repeating the same methods and techniques. I know that if I keep my hair in a towel turban for 15 minutes, while I feed the dog, make toast, and drink tea or orange juice, it will dry faster, look thicker, and feel fuller. That makes starting out my day a bit better.

2. You Learn How To Play Up Your Features

I never, ever thought my brows needed help. They are naturally dark, thick, well-shaped, and almost always on fleek. I have this little sparse section on the inner part of my right brow, but I generally just ignored it. One day, I grabbed a brown-black eyebrow pencil and began filling it in just a touch, despite fearing looking faux, and now I'm 100 percent in love with my brows.

3. You Get In Touch With Your Inner Artist

In the late '00s, I did smoky eyes daily, with all different colors. I learned how to make sunset smoky eyes, purple haze smoky eyes, midnight blue smoky eyes, and I felt like an artist with tools by playing with eye shadow and a variety of MAC brushes. I eventually learned that my favorite look was the above-mentioned flick, but it's nice to be able to be creative every single day.

4. You Fall In Love With Your Features

By constantly working with your features, you fall in love with ones you never noticed before. One of my old coworkers used to tell me she loved the unique, turned down almond shape of my eyes, and, once I started playing with more makeup, I started to love them too.

5. Grooming And Primping Feels Good

Whether it's the brush bristles on my scalp or the swipe of gloss on my lips, my beauty routine physically feels good. It's stimulates pleasure centers on some cosmic level. Primping helps me reveal my best self, and it feels good in the process.

6. Knowing Is Half The Battle

Knowledge is power, knowing is half the battle... you know the drill. By spending time on your beauty and skincare routines, you get to know your body better, and become in tune with it, what you like, what you need to learn to like, and what works. It's ridiculously empowering.

Images: GaudiLab/Fotolia; Giphy (6)