Watch A Baby Gorilla Being Born Because Life

Are you ready to experience the miracle of life this morning? BECAUSE YOU'RE ABOUT TO. This video shows, in detail, the live birth of a baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo in Australia last weekend. The little bundle of joy is the progeny of a western lowland gorilla called Kimya, who is (I know your brain) no relation to the more famous, similarly-named Kimye, although rumor has it that Kim might also be pregnant again very soon. The baby primate's birth (which occured on March 14 just after 6PM, Melbourne time), was witnessed by not only this video recording (and now the entire Internet connected world), but the baby's father, Otana, who was seen to be handing out cigars in the waiting room. Just kidding, gorillas don't know what waiting rooms are.

The birth was Kimya's first, but she had the full support of Julia, G-Ann and Yuska, the matrons of the gorilla family at Melbourne Zoo, who undoubtably talked Kimya through her breathing exercises. Yuska was actually the first gorilla to give birth in an Australian zoo, so the veteran was likely able to pass on her experience to the new mother. Kimye and her beau Otana are part of an international breeding program that aims to re-populate the now critically endangered western lowland gorillas. Melbourne Zoo has seen the birth of seven baby gorillas as part of this program, but none since 2000, so the new addition is a true blessing. The bub's gender hasn't yet been determined, so he/she goes unnamed for now. Watch the birth in all its amniotic glory below:

I was going to make some gifs of the birth, but despite it being a miracle, it's absolutely disgusting. It looks like something out of Alien as it emerges from the mothers backside. So instead, here are some gifs of baby gorillas being adorable, so we can all remind ourselves that even though birth is gross, what comes after is really very cute and wonderful.

1. This baby gorilla who is totally grounded for trying to be friends with a silly human baby

2. This baby gorilla who just loves his blankie so very much

3. This baby gorilla who is so excited and just can't hide it

4. This baby gorilla who is trying to make friends with salad

5. This baby gorilla who is so tiny and just wants to cuddle

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (5)