This Plus Size Festival Collection Is Drool-Worthy

Thanks to Coachella and Bonaroo, "festival fashion" has its own very distinct aesthetic. This year, brands are embracing that look more than ever and releasing specific fashion collections for festival-goers. While I can get into the idea of festival fashion, there's just not much by way of the "festival fashion" collections that's practical or that I'd be willing to risk destroying at an actual event. Ironically, this style is best worn off festival grounds where your maxi dresses are not going to drag in the filth of strangers' spilled beer and you're not going to have your cute shoes stepped on by jostling dudes. The problem is, there's not much festival fashion that would necessarily seem appropriate for everyday wear. That's where Hey Gorgeous!, a plus-size boutique, has totally nailed it: Their collection is equal parts practical and wearable, for a music festival and beyond.

There is definitely a certain aesthetic that comes to mind when I think "festival fashion:" Almost Famous 70s bohemian fashion meets 2000s rocker babe meets whatever style is cool now. Think lots of fringe, jorts, mini dresses, gladiator sandals, breezy blouses, ankle booties, leather galore, etc. I've seen the cute street style shots of celebrities and bloggers who experience festivals with their adorable ankle booties and dresses and long duster sweaters — and I'll admit, the look can be pretty cute.

The reality is that my mental images of actual festival experiences are more of women with dirty feet, sweaty tank tops and askew flower crowns — cute in... a different way. Hey Gorgeous! has stocked their section full of easy-to-wear dresses, skirts, tanks and light cardigans with super fun graphic swimsuits, metallic sunglasses and a pineapple romper. A pineapple romper, y'all! You'll have to excuse me for being pleasantly surprised: As a plus-sized woman I'm generally used to being disappointed by clothing companies and any type of trend-based collection. This is anything but disappointing and I'm going to fill my online shopping cart with some of my favorite picks ASAP.

Lost Road Multi Fit Tank, $150,

Malte Top, $75,

Tropical Pineapple Romper, $44,

Geometric Maxi Shirt Dress, $130,

Images: Hey Gorgeous!