The Rockettes Get A High Fashion Makeover

by May Sofi

When you think about New York, certain icons immediately come to mind — Madison Square Garden, yellow taxis, the Empire State Building, and, of course, the Rockettes. Since the beginning of time, these long-legged ladies have brought joyful cheer to like-minded New Yorkers during the holiday season. Now they are (literally) kicking off a brand new show that seems to be going in a different, more fashion-forward direction. The Rockettes' 'New York Spring Spectacular' features costumes from top designers Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, and Isaac Mizrahi, successfully merging style with show business.

Each legendary designer brought their own quintessential touch to the pieces they created for the show. DVF's signature wrap dresses were remodeled with shorter hemlines and bold, bright patterns friendly for the stage, while Zac Posen's trademark structured silhouettes translated into glam bodysuits. Mizrahi's look was reminiscent of his early designs, featuring oversized flower prints and black high-waisted belts.

The designers' creations are put to good use during the show. According to WWD, the show features a segment completely dedicated to commemorating New York Fashion Week. The dancers attend a live fashion show and the stage transforms into a runway while the Rockettes act as models. Each designer contributed voice audio for the Fashion Week scene as well.

“I’ve always looked up to [the Rockettes] as role models for women. I think they [embody] this great mix of a sexy image of a woman, but also a very empowered woman at the same time." Mizrahi told WWD. While Posen added “Designing for something as iconic to Americana as the Rockettes is such a privilege for a New Yorker like myself."

I've never seen the Rockettes live, but this definitely makes me want to consider it!