Check Out This Georgia O'Keeffe-Inspired Makeup

Makeup, when done with an inspired or uniquely creative flair, can often go from just the stuff you slather on your face in the AM to make yourself not look like a swamp monster, to an artistic achievement worthy of a spot in the Louvre. That's why they're called makeup artists, kids! The latest to master the art of eyeshadow and mascara is Gemma Allen, the talent behind the beauty blog The Hidden Gem, who painstakingly concocted a reimagining of Georgia O'Keeffe's floral paintings using... eye makeup. And, yeah, the designs are pretty incredible.

It doesn't take a lot to impress me (who can't even draw a believable daisy), so this gorgeous recreation of Georgia O'Keeffe's iconic (vaginal) Blue Morning Glories painting ON THIS CHICK'S EYELIDS almost has me in disbelief. But it's truly Allen's remarkable handiwork, delicately crafted with a mix of simple face paints and Rimmel and L'Oreal eye products. Georgia O'Keeffe — coming to a CVS makeup aisle near you!

Allen may have only used a handful of inexpensive products to create a masterpiece that would make even the ultra-feminist O'Keeffe proud (proving that it's sometimes not the products, but what you do with them that counts), but these makeup palettes look like works of art in and of themselves. Packed full of gorgeous color pigment, they're also way more useful than that thrift store painting hanging on your bedroom wall.

The Modernist Eyeshadow Palette by Hourglass

Worshiped for its unique, lush gorgeousness, this palette is also praised for its seamless blending power.

Les Flamants Roses Face and Eye Color by Paul & Joe Beaute

We've covered this fun and bright makeup brand before, but this whimsical, pop-art palette deserves another longing gaze.

Givenchy's Prism Quator

Although it's toting a rather minimalist exterior, the jewel-colored shades of this eyeshadow quad look like they belong behind museum plexiglas.

Dior's Kingdom of Colors Palette

The bold geometric arrangement of these colors, coupled with a chic quilted case and graphic colors, would earn this Dior palette an A+ in art school.

Shiseido's Sparkling Party Palette

The glittering gems decorating the palette and the lush creamy colors, makes this Shisedio confection a dazzling work of art.

The Glacier Eyeshadow Trio from Chantecaille

This glacier-embossed eyeshadow trio features delicate hues and the prettiest Arctic-inspired landscape. The ultimate masterpiece.

Images: jpellgen/Flickr, Courtesy Brands