Kylie Jenner Wore A Silk Bathrobe Out In London

We here at Bustle encourage the rejection of restrictive clothing in favor of a more effortless lifestyle. Arguably no one lives this praxis to her core like Kylie Jenner, who was recently photographed wearing silk blazer (bathrobe) for a night out in London during her stay over the weekend. Let it be, I say. Let us all don our most beautiful loungewear as acceptable social garb, and let comfort be this season’s trend for the ages.

“Kylie rounded out the ensemble with a high-neck maxi dress and extra-tall suede boots,” reports Refinery 29. “Overall, she's expertly mixing textures, colors, and silhouettes for one pretty major look. It only shows a little skin, but it makes a whole lot of statement.” A statement about pajamas to which we should all be listening. We hear you, Kylie. We hear you and we concur.

Jenner may be taking cues from brother-in-law Kanye West after making her runway debut in West’s NYFW Adidas show, where the rapper unveiled his buzzed about ensembles that will no doubt aid in his ongoing effort to lead the comfort revolution. Lounge wear, athletic wear, and outerwear of some softer, stretchier interpretation of actual clothing have been making appearances in the wardrobes of West and anyone related to Kris Jenner for some time now (Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian, who is never not wearing leggings.)

The youngest Jenner is also notorious for her rampant rejection of pants as the anti-staple of her wardrobe. She generally favors oversized t-shirts, billowing skirts, or impossibly miniature shorts as an alternative. The bed jacket is merely the most recent in a life of not giving AF and wearing whatever feels right. Well played, Kylie.