Is IUD Jewelry Becoming A Trend?

by May Sofi

We first learned about IUD jewelry a few months ago, when Etsy shop Contraceptive Creations made some serious noise with their birth control inspired earrings and necklaces. Oddly enough, this contraceptive-friendly boutique isn't the only one divvying up these IUD inventions. OB-GYN Virginia Smith is crafting her own intrauterine device earrings and selling them on Etsy, making me wonder — do I smell an emerging trend here?

I'm not denying that this fashion-y spin on birth control is totally weird, but if hundreds of people (both women and men) are buying into it, there has got to be something to it right? I have to admit it that it is a pretty clever and original way to make a controversial statement — and that is exactly what pro choice activists are doing. Transformed into a shockingly unorthodox political symbol, the IUD earrings represent support for safe and low-cost birth control options in Colorado. What a badass way to stand up for your rights, am I right?

Dr. Smith's version of the is a little different from the ones pioneered by Contraceptive Creations. Made of different colored resin mixed with sparkly glitter, dare I say the dangly earrings are actually kind of pretty? Yeah I said it. And I would totally rock them too. Wouldn't you?

According to Styleite, these babies are flying off the virtual shelf, having already sold 200 sets. But why stop at earrings? I say let's venture out into a full range of body embellishments. Can you imagine an IUD naval ring or headband? I can totally see IUD headbands replacing flower crowns as the next big thing at Coachella.

Image: SharlenCreations/Etsy