'100 Years Of Korean Beauty' Is A History Lesson

Standards of beauty may vary from country to country, but what happens when you have a country divided? A new video shows 100 years of beauty in Korea, and it proves that the division between North and South Korea certainly did have a lasting effect on beauty.

Cut LLC, the organization famous for it's "100 Years of Beauty in One Minute" series, released its latest video showing the evolution of Korean beauty. It starts off in 1910, with a traditional, ornamental Korean up-do. But transitioning through the 20s-40s isn't dissimilar from the beauty trends we saw in America. From a chic flapper 'do and pearls to a cloche hat and coiffed curls, beauty standards certainly transgressed continental lines. By the time the video gets to the 50s, the schism between North and South Korea is made literal, with a line dividing the screen to show the difference in beauty in each region. While South Korea continued to reflect Western beauty ideals (think hoop earrings, bright eyeshadow, and butterfly clips), North Korea became far more militant, with muted makeup, stiff hair, and minimal accessories.

These videos are always fascinating, but seeing the effects of the country's split played out in beauty is truly mesmerizing.

Watch the entire video below:

Images: YouTube