Pieces That'll Help You Update Your Personal Style

Spring is quickly approaching and we're cleaning our closets of our winter wardrobes and prepping them for our warmer pieces. While you're tossing/donating/swapping everything, there are a few key transition clothing items you'll want to hold on to. I'm not exactly talking about the move from sweaters to summer dresses, but rather updating your wardrobe to a whole new, updated personal style vibe.

Our sense of style tends change without telling us, which is plain rude, but something we must deal with fairly often. One year you might be obsessed with boho fringe booties and the next you're only interested in things that are plaid with leather accents. Deciding it's time for a major style change can lead to spending a lot of money on new clothes — but you definitely don't have to get rid of everything from when you were "the old you."

Here, we have some staple pieces that work just as well with your Spring 2014 vibe as your updated look for 2015. As long as it hasn't been years since you last wore them, it's best to hold on to them as you overhaul your entire closet. With some minor styling changes, your last-years clothes will feel completely fresh.

Tomboy <--> Girly: Denim Overalls

Much like jeans, denim overalls can be played up or played down, depending on what you wear underneath. If you're aiming for a cool, unisex vibe, try an old graphic T-shirt. If you're trying to be more girly, opt for a lacy top with a few accessories.

Level 99 Lilly Overalls, $168,

Preppy <--> Grunge: Plaid

Plaid is so versatile, there should be a love song about the fabric. Honestly, there's not really a style type that grunge doesn't fit with, so hold on to your favorite flannels. To get grungier, add some leather boots. For a preppier feel, pick plaid skirts and shirts in pastel hues.

BDG Bristol Flannel Shirt, $29.99,

Flower Child <--> Sophisticated: Cardigans

That cardigan you've been throwing over your floral maxi dress can totally work for a more business-casual vibe — and vice versa. If you're going for a more sophisticated style, wear a cardigan over a solid or striped top. If you're choosing to embrace your inner flower-child, try some lace shorts and a bright tee.

ASOS Curve Kimono Cardigan, $45,

Goth <--> Athletic: Vintage Exercise T-Shirt

Vintage (or pseudo-vinage) T-shirts are the perfect finds between the goth and athletic trends — aka Health Goth, if you want to do both. For obvious reasons, athletic trendsetters shop specifically for this shirt (it's the OG!) If your intended style is a bit darker, pair this with distressed jeans and black lipstick.

adidas Original Double Logo Tee, $29,