Guess Who Stella McCartney's New Co-Designers Are

What's better than reasonably priced, brand spankin' new Stella McCartney threads? Reasonably priced, brand spankin' new Stella McCartney threads that also help save the world. The British fashion designer is now selling two limited edition tees whose profits go to support the charity War Child UK, a nonprofit that aids children living in war-torn corners of the world. The best part of McCartney's do-gooder tees? Her very unique co-designers — the actual kids (and budding artists) the charity is helping.

Stella McCartney teamed up with her fashionable philanthropist BFF Angelina Jolie to ask children, "What makes you feel safe?" The resulting artwork, created by children ages 8-15 both in the War Child program and across the UK, is now blazoned across t-shirts on the Stella McCartney website and in stores, to save children just like the petit Picassos themselves.

"Children see the world with clarity and honesty," said McCartney, commenting on her pint-sized collaborators. "War Child UK and I are excited to share their insights through art that will raise awareness and encourage the world to do more to protect children from war." The chic and philanthropic tees — a child's size decorated with a sweet teddy bear and a women's version accented with lustrous red hearts — are priced at $55 and $125, respectively.