Can We Leave Kim's Sheer Leggings Alone, Please?

She of ride-or-die leggings loyalty fame Kim Kardashian was photographed in some sheer pants (spandex?) that revealed her revered booty, and everyone’s losing their minds over her visible lingerie. Wearing a black long sleeve top and high-waisted black pants, the reality star was snapped climbing into a black SVU and stretched her pants to the point of becoming sheer, proving that Kim Kardashian is indeed a human woman with butt cheeks like everyone else. It happens.

Kim’s no stranger to pants you’d assume had to be lubricated before adorning her shapely curves. She was most recently photographed in some skin-tight grey latex leggings and a pink fur coat ensemble for Paris Fashion Week. On Monday, reports Us Weekly, Kardashian was photographed wearing “a plunging black bodysuit by Alaia, her favorite Giuseppe Zanotti silk button boots, and a thick leather belt to cinch in her tiny waist,” as well as the pants in question, her $1,435 Givenchy leggings.

Kardashian was seemingly unaware that her derriere was noticeably visible (how could she be?), but considering the fact that her bottom has become a literal asset and is visible everywhere from Kanye West’s Twitter feed to the cover of Paper Magazine sort of makes this less of a headliner than it’s being made up to be.

Let’s cut this woman a break, shall we? If you have ever subscribed to the Church of Leggings, you too have suffered the plight that is bending over in pants sheer enough to make visible any underwear or lack thereof. I myself have suffered this wardrobe faux pas, and I think I speak for all of us when I say there’s really nothing to see here. The woman looks fantastic as always, so can we stop being creepy voyeurs about her sheer clothing?

Move along, gossip rags.

Images: Giphy; Twitter