Cate's 'Vogue' Cover Is Wonderfully Wicked

Wicked has never looked so chic. Cate Blanchett is on the cover of Vogue Australia wearing possibly the coolest headpiece you'll ever see. As down-to-earth and sweet as she is, Blanchett just does fantastically evil so well.

The Cinderella star is on the cover of the magazine's April issue, which includes a photo spread that editorializes her villainous role in the film. On the cover, the 45-year-old poses with her cheek delicately resting in her hand while wearing a baby pink gingham jacket (which I pretty much want in my closet, right now) and one seriously avant-garde headpiece. The black hat caps her entire head, revealing just a few wisps of blonde hair, and protrudes out to one side in all kinds of geometric goodness. With a blush lipstick and her icy blue eyes seducing the camera, it looks like soft innocence, but if you stare at it a bit longer, it broods wickedness. It's sort of like mod-meets-evil-stepmother, and it's brilliant.

The rest of the editorial, photographed by Emma Summerton, features Cate in a black wrapped turban, which basically implies that this shoot was all about the headwear. It's an elegant approach to evil, and the Australian actress completely nails it, all while looking absolutely flawless, because of course, she's Cate Blanchett. Now, who else wants to run out and see the movie ASAP?

Images: Getty Images; Vogue Australia