Little Girl Asks If Mom Can "Hear That Bass"

So we've found this week's Winner At Life: It's this little girl, who appears to be around two years old, dressed in leopard print, jamming out to some sick beats and asking, "Do you hear that bass, mom?" This tiny child is FEELING IT as she rocks out to an indistinguishable song, which our tiny heroine feels has a very impressive bass line. So impressive that this child is the bass's hype-man, and her mother is the audience she's attempting to hype.

I'm pretty sure this is why people have children. Sure, sure, unconditional love and the joy of life, blah, blah, blah—really what everyone is waiting for is the moment they can film their child saying something this ridiculously glorious. I once babysat for a teeny-tiny adorable 2-year-old girl who would say, "Get it, girl!" at random when her 4-year-old sister would be trying to do something. And I would think, "Dear God, when I have children, please let them be this cute and say stuff that's at least half this insane." The little girl in the video below, named only as "B", is maybe the most adorable little badass I've ever seen. Watch her getting down to the bass:

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Image: YouTube