10 Types Of Brackets We'd Rather Fill Out

As we sweep away the green remnants of St. Patrick's Day, Americans are preparing for another big blowout — March Madness. While sports fans frantically fill out March Madness brackets, those who could care less about college basketball are merely doodling in the margins. And, despite my Big East education, I for one can't wait for the next three weeks to end.

I've seen firsthand the toll that March Madness takes on people's lives. As a former student of Syracuse University, I saw my peers drink themselves into a depression when our beloved Orangemen failed to make it to the Final Four. When I entered what I thought was the real world, I watched my colleagues' work suffer because they spent more time on their bracket than their assignments. And all because of basketball.

But maybe the reason I dislike March Madness has to do with my disdain for basketball. If the competition pertained to one of my passions, maybe I'd be more understanding of these people's struggles. And my fellow basketball haters would probably feel the same way. From determining the world's greatest dessert to picking out the cutest puppy in the pack, here are 10 non-basketball related brackets we should really fill out during March Madness instead.

1. Best Breakfast Dishes Bracket

Although the jury is still out on whether or not breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we can all agree that it is definitely the most delicious. But there is still some debate over which dish reigns supreme. Whether you go ballistic over a breakfast sandwich or flip for flapjacks, it's time for these morning meals to battle it out once and for all.

2. Precious Puppies Bracket

If you thought college basketball players were cute, wait till you see these adorable dogs. I personally would rather watch a puppy chase a ball than a 20-something guy. The only downside to this bracket is that it may be too difficult to declare a winner.

3. Date Night Ideas Bracket

Nothing busts a couple out of their winter rut like a slew of spring dates. Help other lovebirds plan the perfect evening by embarking on several nights out with your partner. Not in a relationship? Tackle these dates with a group of gal pals.

4. Pizza Toppings Bracket

Science may claim to know which pizza cheese combinations taste best, but should we really let a bunch of men in lab coats determine our future orders? I don't think so. Get your stomach ready for a gastronomical bracket that's sure to leave you satisfied (and, if we're being a frank, a little bloated).

5. Wedding Dress Bracket

Are you a bride in search of the perfect wedding dress? Well, this bracket may take all the stress out of shopping for your gown. Not to mention it'll make the process a little more enjoyable.

6. Booze Bracket

The only way to determine the ultimate libation is to put them to the test in a tasty battle. Of course, if you do decide to host a booze bracket, make sure all participants are 21, and that there is no driving during the competition.

7. Nostalgic '90s Toys Bracket

Before we were old enough to bet on basketball, we were betting on how long our Tamagotchi would survive. This bracket offers a trip down memory lane, and a chance for you to dig through your '90s toy chest.

8. Fast Food Chains Bracket

It's time to settle the score between Burger King and McDonald's. Though this bracket may do some damage to your wallet and waistline, you're sure to love every greasy bite required to fill it out.

9. Sex Positions Bracket

You and your significant other will have a lot of fun determining the winner of this bracket. But, as with any athletic endeavor, make sure you stay hydrated and wear protection.

10. Tantalizing Treats Bracket

Talk about a Sweet 16. Although it may be difficult to narrow your desserts down to 32 selections, you'll have the tastiest time picking a winner... which we all know will be chocolate chip cookies. I mean, come on, it's a classic.

Images: Fotolia; Kendrick Martin/Flickr; Wiffle Gif (11)