19 Thoughts Everyone Has While Trying To Sleep

We've all been there: Tossing and turning, throwing the blankets off and frantically piling them back on, flipping our pillow over to get to that ever-elusive cold side. This BuzzFeed Yellow video really manages to capture the sleepless struggle that so many of us fall victim to, especially when so many of us try to fall asleep with various glowing screens pressed against our faces. Hours pass as we skim through our phone, completely unaware that the sun is slowly approaching from the East. We lay in bed fixating over what Felicia or whoever might have thought about the little bit of sandwich that fell out of our mouths when rose to great her at the mall food court. (Because we're also all teenagers in the '80s, apparently.) We realize Felicia probably never noticed that little bit of sandwich tumbling out of our mouths because she walked right past us, saying hi to an entirely different person, so...#ByeFelicia.

Tangents aside, there's nothing worst than trying really hard to fall asleep when you just can't. You start to play mind games with yourself, like, "Okay, as long as I'm in bed by [certain time] I should be good," or, "Just FIVE more minutes on Facebook and I promise I'll turn off my phone." The worst is when you get all cozy in your blankets and pajamas, and then out of NOWHERE you have to pee. Boo, bladder. Boo. Anyway, watch the video here and see for yourself:

Just in case you are looking for a little more, here are the...

5 Stages Of Grief When You Can't Fall Asleep At Night

1. Denial

"It's okay, I'll be in bed by midnight, at the latest."

LOL, nope. We've all lied to ourselves about this. Set your dreamland ETA back two hours, because most of us are way too ambitious in our snooze goals.

2. Anger


Take a deep. Angry energy will only keep you awake even longer.

3. Bargaining

"Okay so if I just pin 5 more items to my Pinterest board, I will definitely go to bed, then."

It's two in the morning. You're just digging yourself a hole you will never get out of.

4. Depression

"It's four AM, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

I know—*pats shoulder comfortingly*—I know.

5. Acceptance

"I'm not going to bed tonight."

You know, it definitely happens to the best of us.

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