What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

I'm a bit of a lipstick hoarder. I'm not ashamed to admit that a pretty substantial portion of my desk is covered in beautiful, metallic little tubes. I wouldn't even say that I wear a whole lot of it, only occasionally for special events or when I feel like my look needs an extra lift. For me, it's more about the endless hunt for the perfect, neon bright shade of my dreams and an appreciation for the feminine pomp and circumstance of it all. But for those who regularly paint their lips, a new study conducted by Covergirl has revealed that your favorite shade of lipstick really says a whole lot about you, perhaps more than you could have imagined.

In the study, 1,000 women were asked a series of questions that helped link preferred lipstick shades to specific personality traits, as well as how other people perceive them. This is an extension of Covergirls's 2011 study that helped show how cosmetics can alter instinctual perceptions. Together, both pieces of research showcase the power women have to influence how others see them with a swipe of mascara or by simply swapping out a classic red lip for a fresh shade of baby pink.


The study found that regular lipstick wearers (4+ days a week) have a decided advantage over those who only dabble in lip color (0-3 days a week). Not only are lipstick enthusiasts more confident overall, but they also consider themselves to be early adopters of trends and generally more in the know about pop culture. It seems that regular wearers are also getting a boost of self-love thanks to their routine gym attendance, exercising an average of 4 times in the past week compared to the two times of those who rarely put on a shade.

And all that confidence translates across social media as well. Lipstick wearers were found to post twice as many selfies a week and have almost twice as many social media followers. It's not just in the digital realm that these women are winning all the attention, but also the professional! Frequent lipstick users are more than twice as likely to hold a senior position at work, which might help explain the average nine pairs of high heels they own. While all of that offers plenty of food for thought, the study also goes on to specify what each shade conveys about your personality.

Love a bold, brashy red? You're naturally daring, creative, ambitious, and driven. Along with your fellow nude lipstick wearers, reds admitted to having at least one one night stand in the past year and are much more willing to go on a date with someone they met online. So, unsurprisingly, you're more likely to find one of these brazen ladies out at a bar on a Saturday night.

Prefer a deep, moody plum? You're dependable, reliable, independent, ambitious, driven, cultured, and refined. Also, much like those pink ladies out there, you're more likely to be viewed as attractive and pretty. You're also likely to be a future executive on the rise, as most women wearing plums or nudes are can be found in junior level positions. If you're seeking out some dark-hued lippy ladies on the weekend, however, check the couch. They'll probably be found curled up at home with a book or their ol' pal Netflix.

Looking pretty in pink? Then you're probably also bringing home the bacon! Though you may crash on the weekends along with your plum and nude lipped ladies, that's only because you're so tuckered out from your high powered, executive level job during the week! But make sure to find time for your friends, because your lip color announces to the world that you're still a social, fun-loving gal.

Finally, if you rock a nude like it's nobody's business, even though most would probably assume you're a little more timid and shy than the other colors, you actually have more in common with red wearers than you'd think! Even though you enjoy a one night stand and aren't opposed to online dating, you're more interested in staying in on a Saturday night and focusing on your burgeoning career. People perceive you as sweet, nice, dependable, warm, and caring.

So, what does your shade say about you?

Images: Getty Images (1); Courtesy of Covergirl (4)