Victoria Justice Wants Your Unwanted Clothes

Did you know that 11.1 million tons of fabric ends up in landfills each year? That’s a lot of material, and since 85 percent of fabrics can be easily recycled, H&M decided to do something about this. This is the goal of their newest campaign featuring Victoria Justice. H&M and have teamed up for the second annual Comeback Clothes campaign, which encourages shoppers to bring unwanted clothes to H&M so they can be recycled. This campaign lines up conveniently with your annual spring cleaning closet binge, right?

Since one of H&M’s main pillars is sustainability, it only makes sense for them to pair up with, one of the largest social change organizations in the world. It also makes sense that they would work with Victoria Justice, who prides herself on living a conscious lifestyle. Justice believes that “everyone has a solo sock or ripped t-shirt that they can keep out of a landfill.” If you have a sock whose match has been eaten by the washer or an old pair of unintentionally ripped jeans, you can bring them into any H&M to be recycled from now until May 31. And if helping save the planet isn’t enough motivation, the 20 percent discount at H&M definitely should be.

To date, the Comeback Clothes campaign has saved over 400,000 pounds of textiles from ending up in landfills, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Still need convincing? Check out Victoria Justice’s PSA below. I’m willing to bet you’ll be cleaning out your closet in no time.

Image: DoSomething.Org