Notorious RBG Slays In White Gloves & Silk Jacket

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an unequivocal badass. She even owns her very own stock of Notorious RBG t-shirts to prove it. And tonight was no different. Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore white fishnet gloves along with one of her favorite silk jackets to the Elle Women in Washington Power List Dinner. And yes, she looked incredible.

RBG undoubtedly has an affinity for fashion hand accessory. We saw the liberal justice rock fishnet gloves at the 2015 State of the Union, and it wasn't the first time. Back in 2011, she wore a lacy pair to the same address. Plus, the RBG seemingly has multiple pairs in a multitude of colors because she understands the need for a good staple pieces. Basically, she has officially solidified her place as the most fashionable member of the highest court in the land.

Tonight, Notorious RBG decided to remind us of why we think she's the coolest Justice around town. On the red carpet for the Elle Women in Washington dinner, the feminist powerhouse rocked a stunningly detailed silk Chinese jacket, which may, in fact, be a re-wear. If it is, it's only going to make us love her more. After all, if it ain't broke and looks good, don't fix it, right? Ginsburg accessorized the jacket with her signature gloves. The choice tonight was a fishnet pair in cream to match her gorgeous jacket.

RBG's style is destined to be iconic. After all, who else do you know that could look so cool in a silk jacket and fishnet gloves? Moral of the story: RBG is cooler than any of us will ever be.

Images: huffpostwomen/Instagram