Jennifer Aniston's Hair Will Never Change

Jennifer Aniston has almost never changed her hairstyle. It's probably because she doesn't have to. The actress looks flawless even when exiting the gym, no dry shampoo necessary. We don't think Aniston's signature look should change and neither does she. According to Fashionista, Jennifer Aniston will never dye her hair platinum or chop her hair into a pixie cut. But not everyone agrees with that decision, though.

Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist and best friend, Chris McMillan, would really like to cut the Friends actress' magnificent mane off. “Chris has that thing where he’s like Edward Scissorhands. He just sees hair and he wants to cut it,” she shared with Fashionista. “He just wants to just cut it all off, kind of like a pixie, which I will never do. And he always likes to give it a good two inches every year, just a healthy cut. He’s also suggested going back to dark brown.”

Aniston also shared that she is really not into hair trends. So don't expect her to dye her hair blush pink anytime soon. During her interview, the actress also vowed never to go platinum unless it was a wig. But I guess when your hair is as iconic as hers, why try something anything else?

Perhaps it's because her hair is her security blanket. Aniston confessed that her hair helps her feel more comfortable on the red carpet. In fact, it was her signature hairstyle that helped her pick her Atelier Versace dress for the Oscars. “I don’t like [to wear] my hair up very much. I’m not an up-do kind of gal. I feel like if you’re wearing a gown with glitter, you want to have beachy, natural hair to kind of go against that.”

Even though some would say Aniston's hair outlook is a bit boring, we respect her decision to keep her hair natural and true to who she is.