Gisele Bundchen Is Glowing In Her Latest Instagram

Gisele Bundchen may have just announced her retirement from the runway, but the supermodel and fitness guru is looking as beautiful and happy as ever. Bundchen posted an Instagram of herself frolicking on the beach, and thanked her followers for their continuous love and support.

Even though she's saying goodbye to the runway, Bundchen is still participating in certain campaigns. For example, in September, she starred in Under Armour's I Will What I Want ad campaign, which highlighted her fit physique in workout wear. This not only proved that she's stunning in gym clothes, but also that she's a total athlete.

According to, the campaign intended to showcase Bundchen's "raw athleticism and ability to tune out public opinion and stay focused on her goals." Oh, and in case you were wondering what Bundchen's health and fitness secrets are, here it is: pilates, yoga, and a heaping helping of gratitude. It does the body good, apparently, because Bundchen captioned her fit bikini Instagram with the following caption:

"Thank you to all my dear fans who dedicate their time to leave a message here. Thank you for all the love. A kiss in your heart and have a beautiful day!!!" Inside the heart she gracefully leaps over is the inscription "grateful."

Cheers to your new life after the runway, Gisele! It looks good on you so far!