Adorable Dad "Moves Like Jagger" On The Treadmill

by Kim Lyons

With all due respect to Adam Levine and Mick Jagger, this dad dancing to the Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" on a treadmill is about as awesome as you would expect. Decked out in sweats and dorky dad sneakers, he shakes his money-maker and works the family room like he's on stage in front of 50,000 people. We've all had those moments of Dad Embarrassment, but it's a required part of the Dad Code to mortify your kids as often and as weirdly as possible. And how could you not love this guy, pointing at the camera and lip-synching along, even to the Xtina parts of the song? That takes a level of coordination beyond most gym-goers; I'm pretty sure I would have face-planted about 10 seconds into this routine, but Treadmill Dad keeps going, turning around backward, sideways, clapping, kicking, the whole nine yards. The ceiling fan overhead and what looks like a weed whacker make for an interesting background, and add to the Dad atmosphere. Guessing this wasn't the most calorie-burning workout of all time, but he looks like he's in decent shape, and he barely breaks a sweat with them moves like Jagger.

I don't think anyone can argue that the highlight of the entire video is his disco point and twirl. Let's have another look, shall we?

This dad's workout brings to mind one of the all-time great dancing treadmill dancers, a guy known as Marcus Dorsey who doesn't even have any music as he struts and spins through a routine that would make any Backstreet Boy green with envy. At pretty much every point in the video, it looks like Dorsey is going to bite it and fall, but he nails every move.

Yeah, it looks like treadmill dancing is a thing, which is a class I would definitely take at the gym if I weren't terrified of wiping out and breaking my neck. This guy, though, takes it to a whole other level, lifting himself up and over the treadmill to do these unbelievable somersaults. I have to wonder how you practice a routine like this without injuring yourself at least once. Take it away, Carson Dean working the treadmill to "Uptown Funk":

Treadmill dancing. Not for the faint of heart, or the chronically clumsy. I'll be over here on the elliptical minding my own business, thanks.

Images: YouTube/David Greider (2) , YouTube/David W; YouTube/iamcarsondean