4 Ways To Plan A Bachelorette Party On A Budget

It's the classic bridesmaid dilemma: you've already bought a $300 dress, shoes you'll never wear again, and you still have to get your hair and nails done...and contribute to the wedding gift. Oh yeah, and the bridal shower gift. Regardless of whether you're in grad school or working your dream job, being a bridesmaid can add up quickly. And then, of course, there's the bachelorette party––where cost can quickly get out of hand.

Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice fun for finances. The best bachelorette parties aren't necessarily a crazy weekend in Vegas, though––they're more personal. If she's a fitness fanatic, find a unique outdoor activity that she hasn't tried yet. If she's more of the relaxed type, see if you can get a group price at a day spa. And most importantly, listen to what the bride says. If she says no male strippers, no shots, and no naughty scavenger hunt––believe her!

To preserve your wallet and your sanity, we have a few great ideas that will keep you in the black...and in the bride's good graces.

1. For the Active Bride

Is she always running, jumping, and otherwise making you exhausted just looking at her? Try a fitness-related bachelorette party. New trends like aerial yoga, pole fitness, burlesque dance class, or a trampoline class could be a fun way to celebrate. There's nothing like group bonding when you're all trying (and failing) to learn a sexy dance routine or how to balance upside down! Oftentimes, there's an introductory offer or group offer you can take advantage of. You'll love the photo ops, too!

2. For Your Childhood Bestie

If you grew up together, get nostalgic with a glam slumber party! Load up on all your favorite snacks, some oldie-but-goodie movies (Clueless, Pretty in Pink, Mean Girls...the list goes on), and make some cocktails. Alcoholic root beer floats are a great place to start. If you can spend a little more, see if a student at a local beauty school would come over to do manicures!

3. For the Wine Lover

Well, aren't we all wine lovers? Take a day trip to a winery (or brewery) for a tour and tasting. If you're lucky enough to live in a city with multiple wineries or breweries, see if you can hit a few! Tours are usually inexpensive and include some samples. Grab dinner afterwards and rate your favorites!

4. For the Traveler

If the bride has her sights set beyond the city you live in, you can still plan a weekend away without totally blowing your savings account. First off, plan ahead, and make sure it's not a holiday weekend. Instead of a hotel, rent a house or loft through Airbnb. That way, you'll have options to cook and have drinks in, as opposed to being at the mercy of expensive room service and the hotel bar. If you're the one booking activities, try to divvy up costs between the bridesmaids so you aren't stuck with a major credit card bill. If no one has cash, use Venmo. If you're planning on a tropical island or luxe getaway, look for all-inclusive deals on sites like Groupon.

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