Watch People Try Starbucks For The First Time

Now this is news: Apparently people exist in the world who have never had a Starbucks coffee before. Now I'm not exactly a huge fan of Starbucks, but I've definitely been in the situation where it is the closest, easiest option for coffee, and if I'm going to be really real, I've had more than a few croissants from the corporate coffee chain. Whatever, those things are good, and I'm not sorry. Anyway, BuzzFeed has, wonderfully, filmed five people trying Starbucks for the first time. The uninitiated guinea pigs try plain black coffee, a caramel frappuccino, and a caramel macchiato, aka, The Starbucks Starter Pack.

The black coffee, strangely, doesn't go down well. I'm always of the opinion you can't get plain black coffee wrong, but apparently, Starbucks does. Maybe the rest of us have just been desensitized to it. The caramel drinks get a much better reception however, with one of the men proclaiming of the frappuccino, "It's probably what God enjoys every single morning." Even the girl who vehemently hates coffee gets into the macchiato with some uncharacteristic enthusiasm.

Watch these Starbucks virgins have their cherries popped by some weird drinks in the video below:

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Image: Instagram