Bored DJ Did The Best Thing Ever On A Plane

by Kat George

Flying can be both incredibly dull and completely exhausting. Not for this DJ who turned an otherwise boring flight into a song. Using various voiceovers, and looping and layering sounds from around the plane, like the seat call button, pairing them with some notes made on a tiny keyboard, the DJ turns the mundane into a banging club track. The end product is the most annoying song I think I've ever heard, but you can't deny that this passenger managed to use their flight time in a more creative and productive way than you ever will. The most I've ever created on a flight is a pool of drool half on my shirt and half on my cheek with a bunch of my own hair mashed into it. And no one wants to still a pacifier in their mouth and dance around a warehouse while listening to that.

It's quite inspiring that someone can take the things the rest of us don't even notice and repurpose them to make art. I mean, I just find the sound the call button makes annoying. But this guy saw it as a way to make a beat. It's the same way we see a used toilet roll as trash and a kid sees it as a telescope. Really very wonderful.

Watch the process of creation and hear the song below (it's worth the one minute to watch even if you're a curmudgeon like me who hates dance music):

While this DJ was super productive on his flight, here are the five things you'd be more likely to do while flying:

1. Fantasize in your head that you have to save the plane from snakes

2. Freak out

3. Get drunk

4. Fend of annoying seat neighbors trying to engage you in conversation

5. Listen to some sweet jams (making them is too much effort)

6. Sleep

Images: Getty Images; YouTube; Giphy (6)