Stylish Dogs of Instagram Show Us How It's Done

Just when I think I'm starting to get the hang of being a fashion person of sorts and putting together fairly stylish outfits, these canines have to come along and definitively show me up. While I'm just mastering decently coordinated ensembles, this pack of stylish dogs are already conquering next level fashion trends. So, who are these four-legged fashionista scoundrels? Why, the most chic and famous dogs on Instagram, of course!

Dressing up your dog is certainly nothing new. William Wegman made an entire photographic career out of it, and where would the world be now without the the beauty that is Menswear Dog Tumblr? Out of those legacies, a new set of fashionable Instagram dogs were born! Wearing clothes that are better (and probably more expensive) than anything you've ever put on, these loyal companions have quickly garnered a huge following with some nearing 100,000 fans.

In case you're in need of some serious style inspo from man's best friend, Mr. Porter has done us all the favor of rounding up a few of the best of the best of these stylish pups. The retailer even went the extra mile, dressing them up in some of the clothes available on their site, encouraging each dog to showcase their personal style by wearing designer pieces from brands like Acne, Steven Alan, Lanvin, and Junya Watanabe. And hey, if you're starting to feel down about the quality of your own wardrobe, just remember — if a dog can do it, surely so can the rest of us.






Images: Courtesy of M