ORLY Debuts Frozen-Inspired Nail Polish Line

The frost may be finally melting and warmer days are on their way, but everyone is already dreaming of returning to the icy hills of Arendelle (the snow never bothered them anyway, I guess). Frozen 2 was only just announced and the madness is already setting in. The best way to get in on the never-ending obsession? Elsa-approved nails, of course! Nail product brand, ORLY, is launching a line of limited edition Frozen -inspired hues.

Teaming up with Disney, ORLY decided that everyone's favorite ice princess needed a nail collection of her very own (what, a kingdom wasn't enough?), and the result is a collection of 12 glossy, brilliantly vivid shades with names like Coronation Ball (a lavender, glittery confection) and Winter Blush (a creamy shock of neon pink). Inspired by Olaf, Anna, and the rest of the Frozen gang, you're not going to want to let any of these products go! Eh, sorry for the bad joke, guys. Couldn't help myself.

The polishes are priced at $7 for a single bottle and $11 for a set of two and are available at Walgreens nationwide. Be on the lookout for them, and seven other Disney-inspired lines that ORLY is set to release May, July, September, and November of this year.