Hair Tapestry Might Be Next Big Festival Trend

As the snow melts, our attention turns to all of the upcoming spring and summer events that we can't wait to attend. And for many of us, music festivals are at the top of that list. Along with seeing our favorite artists perform under the hot sun, festival season brings on a slew of beauty styles that are simply irresistible. From fishtail braids to pastel-toned mermaid hair – and even an occasional feather or two – some trends are definitely tried and true. But what about something new? Take hair tapestry, for instance.

Started by the creative crew at the Bleach London salon, the idea of taking the beloved colors of festival season to your hair was put into action. And we don't mean via dye. Instead, you get a one-of-a-kind woven creation, done only at one of their Hairy Tepees.

Now I have to say that the idea is super cool and takes me back to those days of weaving friendship bracelets for everyone I knew. But I can't be sure that I'd want one in my hair. I will say, however, it would be pretty cool to curate my whole festival wardrobe around the colors of my hair tapestry.

And although Bleach London's Hairy Tepees haven't reached the U.S. yet, there's still a way to get this festival-ready look. Check out Popsugar 's steps for giving yourself a hair tapestry to die for.

Image: Georgiashair_/Instagram