5 Reasons Why Brandi Cyrus' Blog Is Amazing

by Lauren Turner

To me, fashion blogs can all start to look the same after about three looks. Expensive pieces I can’t (or won’t) ever buy, styling that includes like eight pieces to pull off the look, and unrealistic shoe choices, constantly. And since I look to them for inspiration, it’s hard to really come away with new ideas about how to wear things I already own. But a recent stumble onto Brandi Cyrus’ fashion blog may have just solved my problem.

Upon first look, Style Native has everything that those other fashion blogs have. But when you look closer, you can see how Cyrus has created something fresh. She talks about her looks in a way that makes her seem like the girl everyone would love. She’s down to earth about her style – which consists of a lot of booties, fluffy jackets, and printed pieces – and writes in a very personal and readable way. It’s almost like you’re sitting down and having a conversation with her about her latest looks.

So if you’re looking for a fresh fashion blog to start obsessing over, I recommend Cyrus’. And after going through months of looks, myself, I’ve come up with 5 reasons why it’s totally awesome.

1. She Wears Pajama Shirts With Her Outfits

I mean, she turned a cute red pajama shirt into a real outfit that I would wear any day. How cool is that?

2. She's Not Afraid to Re-wear Pieces

I know that some bloggers have a problem re-wearing major items, but Cyrus doesn't follow that rule. Instead, she seems to pick her favorite pieces and incorporates them seamlessly into different looks. Take this python backpack, for example. You can see it paired with outfits that range from casual to classic – and it never gets old.

3. She Wears A Lot of Flat Shoes

Cyrus described her everyday style as "comfy rock 'n roll chic," and I would totally agree. She knows how unrealistic it is to wear heels everyday, and instead chooses adorable flat booties and sandals.

4. She Shows Off Her Tattoos In the Most Simple Ways

What I think I like best about Cyrus' blog is how real it is. You can catch glimpses of her tattoos in many looks, and it almost seems like they're the perfect accessory.

5. She Wears Everything From Forever 21 to Givenchy

Someone who can mix and match different priced items is brilliant. And Cyrus does just that. In this look (like many others), she shines in a variety of priced pieces. From her Givenchy bag to her Forever 21 sweater, the look is effortless, no matter the price.

Images: Brandicyrus/Instagram