9 Times Rihanna Wore Stuff No One Else Could

In every generation, there is that one person that pushed all of the fashion boundaries and still managed to look good. From Iris Apfel and Cindy Lauper to Lady Gaga and Madonna, doing your own fashion thing is nothing new. But whenever someone starts making a little noise with the way they dress, people take note. And I have to say, Rihanna's been making quite a rumble. She wears what she wants, when she wants, and almost always does it flawlessly. So when I saw Rihanna's all camo outfit, I wasn't shocked one bit.

The 27-year-old stepped out wearing nothing but camo, and while that may sound silly to some, RiRi looked like a total queen. Under her Puma x A Bathing Ape camo jacket, she wore a Christopher Kane camo sweatsuit. And to go with that, she took it a step further and wore leopard-print socks. Are you kidding me?! I can't wear one piece of camo without looking like an idiot, and here she is wearing it head-to-almost-toe.

And what's even crazier is that this isn't the first time Rihanna's worn something no else can. In fact, almost every time I see pictures of her, she's wearing something that I could never pull off. And it's not that I can't put outfits together, it's that she's a beautiful alien and we're all normal people.

Here are nine other times Rihanna wore something no one else could.

1. That Time She Wore A Crystal Dress


You had to know this was going to be on the list — and you definitely had to know this was going to be first. When she wore this, I just knew I wouldn't ever see it on any other body, again.

2. That Time She Wore The Dress With The Jeweled Boob Cups


The best part of this dress is how sweet she actually looks. The bottom of the dress evens out the top, taking it from inappropriate to totally wearable — by her, I mean.

3. That Time She Wore The Pink Dress To The Grammys


How does she not look like an oompa loompa? I need to know her secrets.

4. That Time She Basically Wore A Floor-Length Cardigan (And Nothing Else)


First of all, where can I even find a floor-length cardigan? Second of all, how do I wear just that?

5. That Time She Wore A Doobie Wrap And Everyone Loved It


Instead of looking like she ran out of her house without taking down her hair, it looks perfect. And just a note: It's so hard to get a wrap to look like that.

6. That Time She Wore A Santa Sweater

Anyone else would just look like they were going to an ugly sweater party.

7. That Time She Wore The Fluffy Mesh Gown


It's so strange how she can take something totally risqué and make classy.

8. That Time She Was Raphael From TMNT

This gave me some serious halloween envy.

9. That Time She Wore This Top

I know we all secretly want to own this top, but we have reputations to worry about. So more for you, Rih.

Images: Getty(5), Badgalriri/Instagram(4)