Want a Unique Wedding Dress? 3D Print It!

by Stephanie Chon

Ladies, when you envision your wedding, do you imagine yourself wearing a dress with a princess cut or is it more of a lacy boho style? And when you see it, is it made from soft white fabric or did you have it printed from a 3D printer? The latter might sound ridiculous to you now, but it's a thing that can actually happen. China-based 3D printing company Xuberance revealed you can 3D print a beautiful wedding dress out of nylon powder. And no, it doesn't look like plastic; it's actually super detailed and unique. So all you fiancés out there, if you're still looking for a dress, you might want to put down the Vera Wang lookbook and consider ordering an Xuberance instead.

Xuberance's dresses print out surprisingly soft so that they’re comfortable to wear, but they’re also durable so you won’t have any outfit malfunctions on your special day. Xuberance’s 3D printers use a process called selective laser sintering, which builds your dress by molding the nylon powder with lasers. It takes about a week to finish a whole dress and because the process is so time consuming, one dress could easily cost over $3,000.

Xuberance has also been printing out hair pins, jewelry, home accessories, wedding cakes, and sugar flowers. Of course, they wouldn’t use nylon powder for the edible products, but the printing process is still pretty similar.

It's kinda crazy to think that you can just 3D print your entire wedding now. I wonder if any of the big names in high fashion are going to hop on the 3D printing train any time soon!

Image: Inside3Dprinting/facebook; nvogue_occasions/Instagram