North West In Something Other Than Black?

According to pint-sized fashionista North West, pink is the new black. The tot, who is generally known for her neutral colored wardrobe, was just spotted sporting a new, refreshing, decidedly age-appropriate petal pink outfit. That's right — North West wore a pink ballet dress. In public! Between this and her recent outings with her Frozen suitcase, it seems Kimye's offspring isn't so different from other toddlers after all.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have caught some flack in the past for constantly dressing their daughter, North West, in head-to-black. While I'm big on the whole "let kids be kids" side of the argument, even I can't argue with the chicness of a raven-hued tutu and leotard — so very Black Swan. But during a casual family outing to the tot's ballet class, the fashion show front row fixture traded in her jet black Dr. Martens for pale pink ballet slippers and her day-to-day emo wear for a pastel leotard and a matching tutu.

A colorful wardrobe refresher is always a welcome change to someone's closet, even when that person is too short to reach the hangers. Here's hoping that this is the beginning of a style evolution for North West. Everyone may have a signature color, but it's always good to mix it up a little. Just ask these Insta-famous tiny tots, whose style game is on fleek (as the kids say these days). Take note, North West: These kiddies know how to play with color.









Now, please excuse me while I go cry and examine my life choices that will prevent me from ever looking as stylish as these children.