Heads Up! MAC x Philip Treacy Makes Face The Focus

MAC's latest fashion-based collab is with London milliner Philip Treacy, who is known for his iconic, unforgettable, and truly outrageous head pieces, worn on the beautiful heads of A-listers like Kate Middleton, Adele, Lady Gaga, and more. MAC x Philip Treacy highlights both beautiful faces and head cases and in a sense — it spotlights the dichotomy of humanity. If you want to think a little deeper about your products and what they do beyond adding some color or dimension, this is the collection for you.

The couture hat designer, with whom Lady Gaga once sought an internship, looked inward for inspiration; that is, he actually combed his archive and then ended up creating a trio of glorious hats that highlight the facial structure. It really gives quite a spotlight to everything above the neck.

MAC products have been paired with each topper and they, too, enhance the face. So it's a carefully edited coordination of hats and MAC!

The line is also double the fun and twice the beauty, thanks to soft pink face powders, juicy lipstick shades, and bold gel liners. Many of the colors and products are already part of the permanent MAC lineup.

Get ready to have your hat blown off your head when you see these pairings. This is the entire range, including the mascara and brushes:

The silver topper is shaped like a Hershey's kiss, albeit a glammed up Hershey's Kiss. And the products are just as amazing as a little drop of chocolate.

The stamped Blush Pink highlighter is almost too pretty to use! I wouldn't want to mess up the design by using a blush brush.

Same goes for the Nude Pink, which has a peachy flush to it.

Lace face! I would totally expect Lady Gaga to wear this! And since Gaga is a Treacy muse... The eye makeup color swirls remind me of her "Applause" video. The face lace of does add an air of mystery, for sure.

You can mimic this eye look with Blue Peep Fluidline, which is a bold teal.

Add Royal Wink, a cobalt-y blue. You can also swipe on Blacktrack, which is a matte black and one of my favorite MAC products.

This floral hat creates balance, since the eye makeup is supremely minimal while the lips are bold. The upper and lower halves of the head are highlighted, while the eyes and cheeks are left bare. This look is balanced, yet all the features stand out because of how they are and aren't highlighted.

No Faux Pas pink packs a punch — like you drank some punch at a party and it stained your pout. Really!

Cardinal is a soft, tomato-y red that looks beautiful when blotted down.

There are other shades, brushes, and some of MAC's Paint Pots, which are like primers that both dial up shadow or liner color and act as a base that helps shadow adhere, in the collection.

MAC x Treacy will be sold online as of March 26 and on counters from April 2 through April 30.

Images: MAC Cosmetics PR (10); YouTube (1)