Martha Stewart Talks Some Smack

We all know what they say about imitation and flattery, so one would think lifestyle queen Martha Stewart would be psyched to see the proliferation of food and lifestyle blogs in her image. Nope! Though Stewart admitted a begrudging respect for Gwyneth Paltrow's goop, she has no love for the little guys, calling the bulk of food and lifestyle bloggers amateurish copycats.

“Who are these bloggers?" Stewart said on Bloomberg Television. "They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine."

Still sharp at 72, this lady! She is right, most bloggers are not editors at Vogue magazine. Where I think she gets confused is believing that only editors at Vogue magazine can come up with recipes and give pumpkin-carving tutorials.

"I mean there are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good, or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done. So bloggers create a kind of popularity, but they are not the experts. And we have to understand that.”

You guys, if you do not get your cupcake decorating ideas from trained experts, chaos will ensue!!!! How do you not comprehend this?

In Stewart's world, being a lifestyle guru takes pedigree. Paltrow will do — "She really wants to be part of the lifestyle business," said Stewart, and her place on the best-seller list indicates she must be doing something right. But Stewart is still skeptical.

“She's a charming, pretty person who has a feeling for lifestyle. She wants to be a lifestyle arbiter. Fine. Good. I think I started this whole category of lifestyle.”

And. Don't. You. Forget. It. Gwynnie. xoxo, Martha