Yup, the Breast Milk Facial Exists

Try to suppress your gag reflex for this one, guys: Doctors have sworn by the health benefits of breast milk for your babies' wellbeing for decades now. But apparently we can all reap the rewards. A Chicago spa is now offering breast milk facials, because the all-natural liquid is now being celebrated as this season's new skin cure-all. Honestly, with all the crazy things people have been doing in the past few years to keep dreaded wrinkles and lines at bay, it was only a matter of time.

The Mud Spa of Chicago is now charging $40 for breast milk facials and it is exactly what it sounds like. Milk from moms' boobs being painted on your face for profit. "There are so many mommy blogs out there that talk about using breast milk to basically help with skin conditions," spa founder Shama Patel told MyFoxChicago. The magic ingredient is lauric acid, which is a fatty acid that supposedly can sooth skin aliments like acne and rosacea. And before you think that there's a dairy farm of new mothers pumping away in a back room somewhere, rest assured that the breast milk is attained from a milk bank (did not know that was a thing, but okay), where it is tested for disease before being shipped off to be slathered on your face. So that's good, I guess...?

Unfortunately for your gross-out factor, this is hardly the first in, let's just say, unusual skin care. In hopes of achieving the seemingly unattainable — glowing, ageless skin — check out these other bizarre facials women have paid money to have smeared all over their faces.

The Bird Poop Facial

You can have a facialist rub nightingale droppings on your face for the exfoliating enzymes that can refine your skin's texture. It's $180. Yeah. $180. For bird crap.

The Snail Slim Facial

Lovingly dubbed the "Escarglow Facial," this skin treatment entails slimy slugs being allowed to roam around your face for the rejuvenation properties of their sticky secretions.

The Blood Facial

A Kim Kardashian favorite, this painful-looking procedure involves taking vials a blood from a person's arm, before applying it to the face.

The Semen Facial

Not only is this a fetish, but the spermine facial is available in the Graceful Services Spa in NYC to keep wrinkles at bay.

The Pepto-Bismol Facial

The most budget-friendly option on this list (and probably the least revolting) is a favorite among tons of Youtube beauty bloggers who smear the bright pink medicine on their faces because of it's anti-flammatory salicylic acid.