Indian Women Talk About Masturbation

YouTube is rapidly becoming my favorite outlet for good news (as long as I ignore the comments section). It seems that each day, someone out there is using it as a means for activism or education. YouTube channel NisheethTV, coming to us from Delhi, India, asked several groups of women to be frank regarding a topic that's often stigmatized: how do you masturbate?

My favorite aspect of this project is that the interviewer doesn't ask if they masturbate, he asks how, when, and at what frequency. It's true that it is an absolute shame that men are able to reference and even joke about their own masturbation when women may feel stigmatized for admitting they take part in the same very normal human activity.

Real-life clips like this are showing the world what it truly looks like to be a human being, sex life included, no matter your gender. Though the video has elicited some negativity, it's amazing to see so many women stepping forward to defend and commend the women for their frankness, honesty and bravery in a world that's not so accepting.

Here are some of our favorite moments.

When their maturity put the rest of us to shame.

"It's a basic human need. It's very natural...who doesn't?"

...and they shattered the idea that only men partake of porn.

When these girls came out of their shells.

"Not really...well, sometimes."

This moment, when they laughed at the idea of being caught in the act.

"Nooooooo, no. It's very personal."

..and reminisced on their first times.

"It was amazing. Really good. Really, really nice."

That moment they reflected that the first time discovering it as a child can be a bit scary.

"I was scared, actually..."

And they shared that, go figure, women watch porn to get in the mood as well.

"We watch porn."


"Porn. It's something you watch when you want to get nasty, and stuff."

Though the women pictured likely considered the conversation as a casual occurrence, they've effectively become role models not only for young adults but for their country — one which hasn't always had the best of mentalities toward the freedom of women. Let's also take the time to credit the creator of the video, a very male individual raised in the exact same country.

You go, ladies.

Images: NisheethTV/YouTube (12)